How to get free credits

Boost Profile for FREE!

Simply copy the following text (highlighted in yellow) and paste it to any of your social media account.

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Once you submit the post on your social media account, send us the link of your post. After reviewing your post, we will top up your MyTeeb account with free credits.


What are credits?

With credits you can boost your profile, boost allows you to be one of the top profiles in your area. Increase your chances for a best match—you can get up to 10x more profile views while boosting.

To activate Boost, on your main MyTeeb page, you can see Boost Profile on the right side of the page under your profile (photo) avatar. 

How to contact us?

Once you have shared MyTeeb link to any of your social media account.

Send us the link of that post to our MyTeeb inbox and we will get in touch with you.

We will review your post & reward you with free credits.

Once you have credits, there are many ways to boost your profile on MyTeeb :)

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