MyTeeb Safety Tips

DON'T ever send money to someone you meet online! 

If someone asks you for money, please report the user by using our Report Abuse feature or contact us.

    • Show Respect and Politeness. Most members don't want to discuss or view Mature Adult Content when they first meet someone. Take the time to get to know someone showing Respect and Politeness in your Profile Content and Conversations.
    • Chat online for while before Meeting. Its best to get to know someone Virtually before Meeting in Person. Some members might ask you to chat in other locations like Skype etc. Remember... all this dating advice still stands regardless of the place you comm
    • Meetup in Public Places. Expecially on a first date make sure you meet in a Public location and let your friends/family know where you are and when you'll be back. Stay safe on first Meetings.
    • Be fun, interesting and creative. Stand out from the crowd by showing your uniqueness. Read a persons profile and ask questions related to it. Also take the time to express your true personality in your profile.
    • Understand the difference between Casual and Serious Dating. Some people are looking for short term fun while others are seeking an ongoing relationship that could lead to a lifetime partner. Know what your after and confirm your contacts are seeking the same.
    • Be patient and never give up. Speak positively. Be honest. Be selective and choosey. Know what your after. Have good recent photos. Send us Feedback under Settings if we can improve this service and know we wish you all the best in your search.

Although the real space is apparently different from the virtual space, during online meetings you have to be very careful about the signals you get from the people around you.

Because we want your experience on to be as enjoyable as possible, we offer some suggestions in order for you to feel and be safe.

Why have you decided to step into the world of Do you want to make new friends, do you want to talk to people who have the same interests as you, or are you looking for your half?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for a 100% online dating meeting in the best possible conditions. We do not want to give you any cause for concern, but we encourage you to be careful!

Be careful to the username you choose!

It is advisable to avoid usernames which coincide with your real name, because that's how you can reveal your identity without any intention of doing it. Also, keep in mind that choosing a username that contains terms with sexual connotations will not attract people with whom you would like to have a serious relationship or even a simple conversation with. We give you a simple tip, but the decision is entirely yours!

Be honest!

Try to be honest as far as possible about the data filled in your profile. Use real pictures, do not try to look different than you actually are! Remember that you also want the same thing from the other person. We advise you to start using the best tool we know: sincerity! You can never know which of those you come into contact with is the one you are looking for. Be careful not to end a relationship before it even starts and do not let yourself engage into a vicious circle that greatly decreases your control over the relationships, whatever their nature.

Do not reveal your identity!

Do not make the mistake of disclosing your personal data, such as your personal address, business address, phone number, or other identification information, from the first online discussions. assures your confidentiality, according to the Regulations. You decide when or if it's time to give some of your personal information to another user. If someone insists on asking personal information about yourself, give them the information only after you feel completely safe about sharing this kind of information. Be your own judge and don't choose to use phone numbers or email addresses that are offered to you from the beginning. Think! If someone who approaches you on the street gives you their phone number, do you call them ?!

Avoid giving information about the source of your income!

Don't share any information about the source of your income, unless you are sure it's worth sharing. Avoid emphasizing financial aspects in your discussions with other users, so that you do not take the risk of attracting the wrong kind of people. Do not hesitate to block those who show abusive behavior and tell us if you are confronted with situations in which you feel threatened. Read below what is considered to be an abuse! We also suggest to inform Team about the users who offer you certain services or "opportunities" of a suspect nature. Be yourself and decide who you want to receive in your circle of friends!


Be informed, be honest, take care of your safety and feel good!

The first advice for a first date is to stay informed. Make sure you know quite a lot about the person you are about to meet, arrange a face to face meeting only when you are fully convinced that it is worth moving to the next step. You can also have a phone conversation before you meet; this will definitely reveal at least some of the conversational and social qualities! Keep in mind, however, that you should give your phone number to the other person only when and if you feel safe enough to do it! Go there with your heart open, confident and cautious at the same time, and take into account our advice regarding your own safety. Strive to spend quality moments, but do not get discouraged if the person you are going to meet does not meet your expectations, because "what is yours, is set apart!"

Choose a public spot as a meeting place!

Never choose, as the location for the first meeting, your home or the home of the person you’re meeting. Pay special attention to the place and time you choose for the first date. Think that being relaxed and feeling safe assures you the right environment you need to thrive in this situation. Do not surrender to your date’s insistences to go to his/her house or to drive you home. Moreover, stop the date if you do not feel comfortable at any moment!

Tell a friend what you are doing!

Never go to a first meeting of this kind without first telling a friend or family member about your intentions and details about the meeting. Call your friend at the beginning and at the end of the meeting or tell your friend to call you at a well-established time, to feel safe! Do not be afraid to let your meeting partner know about it!

Keep your phone with you!

Wherever you go, take your phone with you. That way you can call and be called at any time. Keep in mind the number you can call in case of an emergency and move it to your speed-dial!

Do not leave your personal things or drink unattended!

At the first meeting it's always good to keep a dose of skepticism ... so do not take the risk of having some personal information stolen. Be careful to your beverage. If you leave the table, when you return, order another drink to avoid contamination with harmful products. Also with reference to drinking, be moderate and opt for non-alcoholic beverages, at least during the first dates.

Make sure your date was honest about the studies they graduated!

Of course, do this by provoking your date to talk about his/her life. Follow his/her reactions and ask yourself questions if he/she tries to avoid your answers or if he/she answers your questions with another question. Certainly if he/she has finished his/hers studies, he/she will be able to relax and to talk freely on the subject.

Some examples of abuse *:

  • the user sends emails of harassment, trivialities.
  • the user sends spam messages.
  • the user sends emails with offers, announcements, advertising.
  • the user offers to sell or buy something. It is forbidden to use this site for the purpose of making money using object demand.
  • the user sends you links to other sites that may contain viruses when accessed.
  • any other abuse that violates the policy of the site.


Set up a new meeting, if you enjoyed the last one!

Do this only if you feel comfortable! You should be the one who decides this, by listening to your instincts. Do not forget that the only person who knows what’s best for herself/himself is you! The choice belongs to you ... maybe the one you met meets the expectations or maybe the meeting was not exactly what you wanted. During the next dates, take into account our advice until you feel fully comfortable with the people you meet.

Distance meetings:-

Feelings do not have borders ...

You are in a virtual space and you have the opportunity to meet people in your city, in other cities or, why not, in other countries. If things are going well, you may choose a face-to-face meeting Here are our tips for the first distance dates:

  1. Choose to stay at the hotel and keep its name confidential!

    Never agree to go to your date’s home from the first meeting.If you do not have money for a hotel, it is better to postpone your meeting. Do not disclose the name of the hotel where you will be accommodated and we strongly recommend that you do not let the person you are going to meet book your reservation. Arrange your own reservation details. Plan your date taking into account your location and the time and remember to keep your valuables in the safe of your hotel or in your room.

  2. Make your airport-hotel-airport transfer!

    Perhaps the other person will wait for you at the airport ... do not worry! It's a sign of politeness and interest in you. You can kindly refuse the ride the other person is suggesting. Instead, go to the hotel by taxi and opt for this type of transport when you need to return at the airport or to the hotel after various dates.Remember that although you have the impression that you already know the person you meet, above all, you must think about your safety!

  3. Tell a friend or family member!

    If you decided to take the plane in search of your soul mate, do not forget to tell someone else about your decision. Tell a friend or your family where you are going, at what hotel you are staying, when you plan to return and other details about the person you meet. Also, communicate with people back home, just to make you feel safe and do not hide this from your meeting partner!